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If you own an Electric Vehicle charging point - why not rent it out in the UK’s largest parking network, helping thousands of JustPark drivers charge while they park? Sign up is free & quick and you could even make a small fortune.

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Make an EV impact

Over 8m drivers are using the UK’s largest parking network with more and more of them looking for Electric Vehicle charging. Rent out your charger and help us grow the JustCharge network.

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You set the price

JustCharge space owners can earn thousands each year - by renting out your EV charger, you’re paid for your parking space and energy. And the first £1,000 earned are tax free, too!

It's so simple

We make renting out your charger easy. We manage everything from bookings to payment - your earnings go straight to your JustPark account.

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On your terms

Simply tell us what type of EV charger you have & when you want it to be available. We'll make sure bookings are only made for the right types of vehicles at the times that suit you.

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Adding your parking space and Electric Vehicle charger couldn’t be easier if we tried - all it takes is 3 simple steps.

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Click the link below and tell us about your parking space and charger.

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Sign in, add a photo and set your availability.

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Lean back and just watch bookings (and earnings) roll in.

Don’t have an Electric Vehicle charging point?

No worries, you can still list your parking space with us.

At JustPark, we’re all about making more of what we have with sustainable mobility at the core of our vision. Help us make green mobility more accessible for everyone by adding your charge point to our JustCharge network. 

Anthony Eskinazi, Founder & CEO at JustPark

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of Electric Vehicle charger do I need to have?

Whether you have a Type 1, Type 2, or even a standard outdoor mains plug - you can list your charger with us. We’ll get this information from you when you sign up, and then only send you bookings from people with the right type of vehicle.

Will I have to ask customers for money?

Nope. We take care of all of that. The customer simply pays for both parking and charging through JustPark, and we then pass on those earnings to you.

Can I choose when my charger is available?

Yes you can. You can set your charger to be available whenever you want it to be, and you’ll only receive bookings for those times. What’s more, all of our bookings are made in advance, so you’ll always know when your charger is going to be used.

How much will I earn?

We’ve had some space owners earn as much as £3000 per year. What you’ll earn depends on where your space is, and how much demand there is in your area. But as we move to a more electrified world, we can only see that demand increasing. It’s an exciting time to come on board.

Can I set my own price?

Yes! We appreciate that our electrified space owners have different energy costs and are based in areas with high or lower demand. During the set up, you can choose to use the automated pricing, or click to set your own.

Do I have to pay tax on my earnings?

Earnings from renting out your driveway are included in the property trading income allowance introduced by the government in April 2017.This means you can make up to £1,000 per year, completely tax-free.